About Project

General objective of the project is to promote resilience of adult refugees against crisis by improving their digital marketing knowledge, skills, and competences. The project aims to support and promote social inclusion of refugees via lifelong learning opportunities, especially by exploiting digital technologies also encourage refugee communities in Germany and Greece, NGOs, to work together to motivate and enable adults of all ages to learn new digital skills necessary to be resilient.

Target Group

The main target group of the Prog-RES project is refugee background and newly arrived adult migrants in Germany (Munich and Augsburg) and Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki). Target age group will be 18 years and over. They are out of formal education system. They will be from different socio-cultural background, different genders and nationalities.

Main Activities

Online Digital marketing training for refugees
120 hours, Online
Hybrid Digital marketing training for trainers
30 hours, Online + 24 hours, face to face including practical training
Resilience building activity for refugees
3 sessions for each person
Sectoral info and national regulations seminars
7 seminars about retail sector, real estate sector, tourism sector, German and Greek business regulations, employment guidance, start-up guidance, job opportunities in Germany and Greece
Establishing digital marketing learner support centers in German and Greek partner institutions
Research on digital marketing training and resilience building activities

If you are in project target group and interested digital marketing subject and want to participate our activities, please click apply button. All activities are free of charge. All participants will get a certificate for each activity in this project under the Erasmus+ Programme.



Prog-RES Project Is Funded By Erasmus + Programme

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